We have been creating Balsam Fir based products since 2005.  Inspired by nature, we handcraft each batch in our home based facility which overlooks the picturesque Rangeley lake and village.  Our formulas blend skin-friendly essential oils with high quality ingredients to offer you a singular aromatic, and therapeutic adventure.

Rangeley Maine is historically significant is several ways:  Held sacred for it's beauty and abundant wildlife by our Native Americans, Recommended by Victorian doctors for it's healing air and waters, also a destination for sportsman and outdoor enthusiasts.

Balsam Fir, the "Tree of Life", surround Rangeley's Lakes and ponds infusing the air, water and soil with the uplifting and purifying essence of Balsam Fir oil, conveying a sense of well being and rejuvenation. Naturally energizing and refreshing, Balsam Fir is also a natural antiseptic, analgesic, and antimicrobial.

Rangeley Balsam products offer a 3 fold Maine experience:

Physical - Direct contact with our rich natural balsam scented formulations.

Scentual - The natural benefits of authentic essential oils are evident as you breath in the scent to awaken your inner aromavore.

Visual: Our label and packaging evoke mountains, trees, and old fashioned nostalgia.